Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Adventure Child
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas Adventure Child

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Just outside of Vegas. We offer Las Vegas Kayaking Tours just 45-minutes away

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We offer once-in-a-lifetime adventures around the surrounding Las Vegas area. Our trips include guided kayak tours on the Colorado River from the Hoover Dam’s base and from Willow Beach to the Emerald Cove.
Our most popular trip is from Willow Beach on the Colorado River to the world-famous Emerald Cove. On this half-day adventure, we will see breathtaking views and enjoy a quick hike that overlooks a historic site of the river.
Our favorite trip, however, is the Hoover Dam Kayak Day Trip that consists of multiple hot springs and waterfalls, a sauna cave, rain caves, and the grand finale at Emerald Cove. This is a once in a lifetime experience and has been described by many as the best day trip in the world. After launching from a base of the Hoover Dam, we kayak to secluded beaches and partake in shockingly amazing adventures.

The location to launch both trips is a short 45-minute drive from Las Vegas.

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